Re-defining the way you experience food

Foodledoodle is  the first multi-brand cloud kitchen group in Sub-Saharan Africa

First cloud kitchen chain in Sub-saharan Africa

We bring the delivery-only (``cloud``) kitchen trend to a region where demand for delivery food is booming

Using idle hotel kitchen capacity

Most hotels kitchens in Sub-saharan operate at a fraction of their capacity. We lease idle capacity to create new delivery food experiences


Different people like different food. So we offer a wide range of menus, each marketed as a separate brand!

Healthy and eco-friendly

We believe that sustainability should not be a label for a company to wear, but a core element of the foundation of every business. That is why healthy ingredients, eco-friendly materials, and the highest ethical standards are ingrained in every aspect of what we do.

Delicious food experiences are only a tap away

Coming soon to a delivery app near you!

We deliver delicious food experiences to people’s homes and office desks.


With increasingly busy lifestyles, more and more people want meals delivered to their homes or offices, rather than going out, or preparing their own food.


They don’t just want it fast, they also want it delicious and healthy. That is why we focus on delivering upmarket restaurant quality, with top notch ingredients, and premium presentation.


We don’t just bring food. We deliver happiness!

Sustainability in our DNA!

We believe that sustainability should be at the core of every business, and not just a label to be worn. We only use eco-friendly ingredients and materials, and maintain the highest ethical standards in our operations.

Chickadoodle – First Brand to go Live!

Chickadoodle is the first brand in our portfolio to go live.  In June 2020, residents of the Kileleshwa, Kilimani and Lavington areas of Nairobi can treat themselves with the latest novelty on Nairobi’s culinary scene:  Sumptious chicken meals from Chickadoodle!